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That pesky admissions essay. You can’t apply to any college without writing that essay – at least one of them. And for some colleges, you may have to write a couple of these little jewels.

If you are applying for graduate or professional school, you will be writing at least two personal statement essays as a part of that application process too.

Let’s have a look at what is involved in writing admissions essays in both of these circumstances.

Admissions to Undergraduate College Programs

Many undergraduate schools use what is called the “Common Application.” This actually makes it easier for students to complete their applications. They complete one form and can send it to any college that subscribes to this process.

Along with that Common Application, there is the requirement for an essay. There are five essay prompts, and student must pick one of them for an essay. The topics have not changed in recent years, and they are available online. This is a good thing, because students can actually begin to work on that essay, even during their junior year in high school, and have plenty of time to think about the options, to choose the one that will best suit them, and to begin to work on it.

Still, that essay can create a lot of anxiety in students. They have been told, and rightly so, that, when they are competing with other students from all across the country, they have to present themselves in the best light possible. There are many students with the virtually the same academic and activity credentials, and it can be that essay that tips the favor for one over another.

The Anxiety is Real

How do you craft an essay that will engage the readers, keep them enthralled, and make you memorable? This is a tall order indeed. Here are the steps you should take as you produce this piece of writing:

  • Read your essay prompts very carefully. Read them several times to be certain you understand the details of what you are being asked.
  • The essay prompts will be asking things about you personally. For example, one might ask you to recall an event that caused you to develop a guiding principle for your life; another may ask you how your hero is and why; still another may ask you for experiences that developed your leadership skills or your career goals. Take a look at each prompt and make a list of the things that you might include in such an essay. Then look over that list and decide which details would be most interesting to tell someone else about you. That is the prompt you should select.
  • Take your time as you think about your essay. Brainstorm for additional details that might be important, compelling, and/or engaging for a reading audience. Work on this list for a while, continuing to brainstorm and re-reading the prompt often.
  • Create Your Outline. You will have the same basic outline that you do for all essays – introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Some essays will involve a narrative; others will have specific points to be made. Make sure that your paragraphs breaks are logical.
  • Write the rough draft of your body. Watch transitions between those paragraphs – they are critical.
  • The introduction and the conclusion are written after the body is finished. Of the two, your introduction is actually more important because it is where you will grab your audience and make them want to read on. You have to be amazingly creative from the first sentence to your thesis statement at the end of that paragraph. Your introduction should re-reflect on what you have written, what you learned, etc.
  • Your final draft had better be perfect – not even a comma out of place. Make sure that someone highly skilled in English grammar and composition reviews and edits your piece.

The Personal Statement Essay

The steps above should guide the writing of the essays that you choose for your grad school application.

You will also note that there will be emphasis on prompts that will allow you to promote yourself as a “fit” for the school and the program, so readers are expecting you to relate what you write to how it will serve you well in the program and in your career.

Don’t Freak Out

Help is on the way through Essay State. We have an entire team of degreed and creative writers who can present you amazingly. Here is how we do that:

  1. You complete your order form for an essay, providing such details as academic level, length, and topic. If you have not yet chosen from the prompts, we can help you do that too, based upon your personal information that you provide to your writer.
  2. We assign a writer who will contact you right away. S/he will need to know about you and your background and experiences in order to prepare the perfect piece.
  3. You’ll get drafts along the way to review and comment on.
  4. When you have approved of the final draft and are completely thrilled, our work is finished – not until.

It’s All confidential

Rest assured – Your getting help for these essays is something that most every other candidate is doing too. At EssayState, we encrypt all personal information and even your writer will not know your real name. We do not share information with anyone else, and, as soon as you have approved and taken delivery of your essay, it is eliminated from our system. It is your property.

If you have any questions, give us a call. Otherwise, fill out that order form and let’s get started.



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