Frequently Asked Questions

EssayState.net and Its Services

How Do I Get A Written Writing From EssayState.net?

The way to get your work ready requires you to visit our website. Once you know what we have to offer, reaching out to us is easy. Just contact us through the various channels provided to you. You can decide to call us directly through the telephone, email us or even open a live chat with our customer support desk. You are fee to ask any questions that you may have in mind. Feel free to place any kind of agreement with us by simply completing the order form provided for you. The order form is a guide on what you would like from us and is essential in giving us vital information of what you need. Therefore fill as much as you can.

Once you are through writing, jus submit the writing to us. We will process your order immediately by allocating your work to the appropriate writer. We will not require you to pay until we have a writer with the right kind of qualifications and background to work on your order. We will contact you to allocate a writer for you and require you to make the payment. We will help you get to meet with the writer. This will help you to work on the progress of your work and work on any changes that you may deem necessary. Once the work is complete, it will go through our editing department for proofreading, review and plagiarism check. Once your writing has fully met the satisfaction of our editing department, it will be delivered to your listed contacts. Please know that we treat your personal contacts confidentially. You will be expected to run through the work within 48 hours for any requests on revision.

Who is EssayState.net?

We are academic writing service providers who are professionally dedicated to providing services to students with their written papers in any kind of subject or field of study. In this regard, we help in assignments that range from high school, undergraduate to postgraduate levels and for any kind of writing such as; assignments, essay, research, resume, proposal, cover letters, dissertation and any other kind of writing, we will be eager to offer our help. We work to provide you with exceptional quality services that will go beyond your expectations.

What options can I take if I am not satisfied with a finished writing?

If you feel that you were hardly impressed with the services we offer you, you can freely contact our customer care support services within the first seven days of delivery. The way to do it is by first getting our support services then reaching the writer in request for revision. We do not charge for revision unless there are changes to the original terms of engagement.

Our Writers

What is the native language of writers?

All the writers are based in English speaking countries such as U.S, U.K, Australia and Canada. We have very few writers from Western Europe, who are proficient in the English Language. However, if you want your work to carry out by a specific writer from a given country, we can get one for you.

How do I know the writers are professionals?

We have a rigorous hiring process. For a writer to qualify to write with us, we require them to be highly educated and provide us with various credentials of their area of expertise. We operate a background check on all our writers to ensure that they meet the qualifications and experience they need. We also assess their credibility by giving them a writing review to work on.  When you require us to write a paper for you, we will only assign the writing to the writers will know that are best suited to work on your writing. We also allow you to ask for more qualifications from out writers if you would like to know more about them.

How much access will have to my writer?

We are a transparent essay provider, and we encourage direct contact between our writers and the client directly. This does not only ease the way the order is processed, but also alienates any mis-understandings that may arise in carrying out the order. The contact information is mainly via the website for the small and manageable orders. However, when the order is more complex, and bulky, the writer and the client may exchange personal contacts. The way of contacts often anonymous since the website provides enough ground for communicating with clients.

Our orders

How do I make an order?

Once you visit our website at EssayState.net, you simply fill the form to request an order. We require you to fill an order form to complete the details of questions that you need for us to process your order. If it is your first contact at our site, we will request you to open an account with us or you to communicate with our writers.

How is the delivery made?

Once the assigned writer has completed your writing, it will go throughout editing desk where it reviewed and checked for plagiarism. The work is then sent to your personal account. We also notify you on your email that the work has been carried out for you to collect it.

How do I make a Payment?

Once we had received your order and processed it, we will require you to make the necessary payment. The way to make a payment is as simple as following these instructions.

Login to your personal account and on the task bar got to ‘my orders’ link. You will come across a ‘checkout’ link. Click it to get the option of PayPal, credit or debit card options. Once you selected you mode of payment, click on, ‘make payment’ option. This will give you a dialogue page where you will fill in your card details or PayPal account details. Just be careful to use secure information as payments are carried you through a third party.