Where can I get a five paragraph essay example?

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August 25, 2014

Understanding the Five-Part Essay

The 5-paragraph essay is a format of an essay which has five paragraphs. Usually, it has an introduction, which is subsequently followed by a three paragraphed body and in the end, a conclusion. This kind of an essay has earned several names, which are a hamburger essay, one, -three-one or a three-tier essay. In a nice 5-paragraph essay example, you will find that the introduction is there to inform the audience of the basic idea. It goes ahead to outline the writer’s thesis, which can be used as the point of the subject of individual body paragraph. From any 5-paragraph essay example which applies thesis, the first paragraph is always meant to hook the reader to the essay.

The Five-Part Essay Structure

The structure of a sample five-paragraph essay includes the basic form of writing an essay. The different comes in because after the introduction; there are other subsequent three specific paragraphs which precede the conclusion. Now each of the paragraphs revolves around a given topic. Here is a sample 5 paragraph essay structure.

  1. The Introduction paragraph

This is the paragraph that introduces what you are writing about to your reader. It should contain a thesis statement which is some kind of a mini outline for the whole paper. The introductory paragraph in five-paragraph essay example should include a transitional hook its last sentence which cues in the reader into the next paragraph.

  1. Paragraph one

This is the paragraph which should house the most important and the strongest argument in your essay. Any five-paragraph essay example should serve as a guide if you encounter any problems in writing.

  1. Paragraph Two

If you consult any 5-paragraph essay outline template, you will note that the second paragraph often houses the second most important argument ion the whole essay. It should also have a reverse hook which connects with the transitional hook in the previous paragraph. This is something you will not lack in any 5-paragraph essay outline template.

  1. Paragraph three

A 5 paragraph essay sample will show you that the third paragraph is where the weakest point in your essay lies. It depends with where you get your 5-paragraph essay examples but rest assured that the topic for this particular paragraph should lie in the first of the second sentence. You know there are many 5-paragraph essay examples online, and it is up to you to search for one that matches your interest.

  1. The Conclusion

From your sample 5-paragraph essay, ensure that you have understood the fact that your conclusion has touched on the pattern used in the introduction. It has a restatement of the thesis and a summary of the three main points, plus a final statement signaling the end of discussion. Rest assure that with a sample 5-paragraph essay, you can do wonders

A sample five paragraph essay looks like this

The creator of children stories, Stephen King said that the stories he read as a child inspired him to become a writer that he is today. He fills the reader’s imagination with vivid imagery and feelings, aspects essential in creating a dynamic or static setting.

The writer uses the ability to stimulate the reader’s feels and sense of sight, which are more susceptible to manipulation. Stephen Says the use of descriptive words is enough to paint a real picture to the reader.

He goes further to create vivid images in the minds of the reader, something that he learnt way long ago when he was starting. For instance, if it is a story about an old man, the use of descriptive words to state where he lives will help paint a better picture.