How to write a cause and effect essay outline?

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April 02, 2018

Cause and Effect Type of Essay

When required to answer the question of what is a cause and effect essay? This is what your description of cause and effect essay should be. This is an essay that wants you to give the causes of the problem and provide solutions to the problem. The cause and effect essay is another genre of essay that is also frequently tested in school. At times, his essay is usually referred to as the cause-effect essay though there is no big difference between the two names. It will be unwise to consider this as another kind of essay on its own when you come across this other name. When asked to compose the cause effect essay, you will know what to do as I have already answered your question of what is a cause and effect essay?

Writing the Essay

Cause and effect essays are written fairly frequently as the other genres of essay. What is always thought to be an easy to understand essay type has been posing a lot of problems to students. It is estimated that in a class of forty students, half of these students are not capable of composing cause and effect essays that can make them get good grades. This is a big number, and there is a need to do something to make these students at least understand how to write cause and effect essay. My blog is open for anyone who may need to be taught how to write cause and effect essay as well as be issued with free cause and effect essay outline that will guide them through writing this essay. The below a brief guide will help you to some degree as well.

Well, just as the other essay genres bears the introduction, body and conclusion format. The same happens with this type of essay. The only variance is that each of these parts of the essay is composed differently of others. This is how they are done:

  1. Introduction - paragraph one of this kind of essay is usually the introduction part. The foundation of the essay is laid here, and when the essay fails to have a strong introduction, you may end up having a weak essay. For this reason, you are supposed to come up with an introduction that is less wordy, sharp and straight to the point. Catch the attention of your reader here by introducing the topic and the core three points of the essay. Say what you essay is about briefly here. With a good introduction, your reader will anticipate reading more of the essay.
  2. Body ­- the next three paragraphs of the essay will form the body. This is where you stipulate your main ideas of the topic. It is in this part of the essay where most of the marks will be derived. A well written body will contribute to your scoring good marks. The order in which you write your causes and effects should appear in that the most important points come before the less important ones. Try to structure your three points how they will follow each other before you start writing.
  3. Conclusion- conclusion is sort of as an introduction, and it contains two sub-parts. Firstly summarize the three main points of the essay then go ahead and leave the reader with a fine impression on the essay. The good impression will only occur when you make your points clear and crisp in that the reader will still remember the three points of your cause effect essay.

Sample Essay Summary

The following shows a cause and effect essay outline;

  1. Intro - thesis statement, guide through the causes
  2. Body - the cause of, effect of or reason why in each of the three paragraphs
  3. Conclusion - suggest solution to the problem here