What is an example of an argumentative essay?

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November 18, 2017

Writing an Impressive Argumentative Essay

The argumentative essay is a form of paper writing in which the student is expected to apply reasoning and available evidence to present a definitive opinion and stand on issues that are often debatable or controversial. Essentially the essay demonstrates that though there may be two approaches to the issue, one side is definitely the best.

Online Sample Are an Excellent Help

In case you are faced with argument paper writing, argumentative essay examples will be highly beneficial in showing you how you should approach various aspects in your writing. EssayState.net has the best argumentative essay samples that a student can use in his or her writing to transform and give his or her argumentative essay a spectacular outlook. Highly skilled and proficient writers produce the argumentative essay examples at EssayState.net at very affordable prices.

Even when you are using examples of argumentative essays as a guide you still need to do research thoroughly on the topic of your essay. The argumentative essay samples will only serve as a reference material and thus for you to get a superior quality paper, you will be required to find info to support your arguments. Therefore, when you log into EssayState.net, and you get a sample argumentative essay, do not hand in that argumentative essay example; it is after all only an argumentative essay sample and not a final essay that is ready for submission.

Some Useful Samples for You

An excellent example of an argumentative essay is outlined below about abortion; it can be an excellent sample argumentative essay aid to anyone writing on the topic.

Here is the first argumentative essay example

My Body My Choices

Over time, one thing has been constant; a raging debate on whether or not abortion is right and whether it should be legalized. Most religious groups have shown their strong condemnation of abortion describing it as not only a vice but an outright act of murder. They have lobbied for abortion to be made a criminal offense punishable by law. This has given birth to much debate and confusion on the whole matter. Personally, I think that the decision to abort lies solely on the individual and not the church or the parliament.

Nonetheless, before one settles for an abortion, it is imperative that he or she understands everything or at least 90% about abortion. The dictionary definition of abortion is the premature termination of a pregnancy spontaneously through induced means. Abortion inevitably results in the death of the developing embryo or fetus. Complications have been known to arise during abortions and the in the worst case scenario the mother dies. Inducing an abortion is achieved in various ways including administrations of pills and injections as well as through some rather unorthodox methods.

There are obvious and outright issues attached to abortion. Nonetheless, there are many other factors that drive one to consider undergoing an abortion procedure.

Here is another example of an argumentative essay

Legalize It

Cannabis has been labeled a harmful drug that should be outlawed in almost all countries on the globe. This, however, does not factor in all the other positive effects of marijuana. The decision to make cannabis an illegal drug is thus one-sided and the government needs to review the matter critically. If this is done, it’ll be clear that making weed legal will be beneficial in many ways.

The harmful effects of marijuana have been listed to include weakening of the immune system as well as altering the functioning of the brain. There are also inconclusive claims that cannabis has a negative effect on reproductive health and fertility of regular users. Additionally, marijuana has been described as a gateway drug to harder and more addictive drugs.

These claims have however been based on experiments that have often yielded conflicting results. Administration of marijuana to monkeys by George Bierson in 2009, for instance, showed that marijuana causes brain damage. Nonetheless, these results were later discredited on account of various factors.

The above argumentative essay samples are only a demonstration or examples of argumentative essays. They merely show you how you can write an argumentative essay. A better and more conclusive argumentative essay sample can be found at EssayState.net.