How will I know what is a good topic for a research paper?

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August 01, 2014

Impressive Topics for Research Work and Papers

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Choosing a Good Topic

The first step when working on any research project is generally selecting good research paper topics. Most of the time, this step is not a walk-over. It is natural for a researcher to feel overwhelmed by the amount of text and evidence that is available thus making it hard to select a good topic for research paper writing. With all the prospects out there, it is at times difficult to narrow down the options to a single research paper topic.

Therefore, what is a good topic for a research paper? When choosing a topic you only have to do the following:

  • Consider the guidelines that have been given by your instructor regarding good topics for research papers. You could even ask your professor how to write a good research paper. It’s important that you follow instructions and advice from your instructor or professor.
  • Ask for a second opinion from friends about good topics for a research paper. Talking about research ideas with your friends will help you discover good research paper topics that are easy to deal with
  • Choosing something that is overly new to you may trouble you during the research. Additionally, choosing a research topic in a field that you love will make working on the project fun and easy.
  • Pick a good topic for research paper writing that is manageable. Before you settle for a topic do some background reading and find out more on the topic as well as how to write a good research paper on the topic. This will help you choose a topic that is simple, but still complex enough for your level of study. For instance, if you choose a broad topic, the info may be too much that it is hard for you to focus on one particular theme.

Once you have a good topic you then need to do thorough research to help you find the relevant info regarding the topic.

Examples of good topics for research papers that answer the question; what is a good topic for a research paper?

  1. In ICT- current trends to improve online security
  2. In ICT- use of mobile technology in daily life
  3. In the business- e-business in your state/ country
  4. In the business- common malpractice in business
  5. In environmental issues- use of alternative oils and it impact on the
  6. In environmental issues- the greenhouse effect
  7. In legal studies- sentencing to death and its legality
  8. In legal studies- animal rights and animal use in medical testing
  9. In crime issues- drug use and misuse among teens
  10. In crime issue- drunk driving and its consequences
  11. In education- teen pregnancies in school
  12. In education- is grade inflation real?
  13. In family- child abuse in the country
  14. In family- family values and their changing over time
  15. In the health- mental disorder in the community
  16. In health- HIV infection
  17. In social media- use of the social media in schools
  18. In social media-relationship between the social media and crime
  19. In political studies- the budget deficit in the government
  20. In political studies- reforms in the electoral process
  21. In social studies- discrimination in it various forms in the society
  22. In social studies- sexuality in the community
  23. In religious studies- cults and unofficial religions in the state
  24. In religious studies- religious prejudice
  25. In psychology- depression in the society
  26. In psychology- the psychology of a criminal’s mind
  27. In women and gender- contraceptive use
  28. In women and gender- prostitution trends
  29. In fashion and lifestyle- tattooing and its effects
  30. In fashion and lifestyle- how fashion is being transformed by technology