I need tips on how to write a synthesis essay?

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April 02, 2017

Definition of a Synthesis Essay

A synthesis essay is a kind of an essay that is used to combine two or more ideas from different sources and form one whole idea. The ideas from varied sources must be in coherence with each other to complete the objective of a synthesis essay.

You may be asked to synthesize from sources such as books, movies that you have watched and reports from class activities. Then you are tasked to come up with a central theme or question for which you come up with a logical argument and logical information to develop it. Every time there is a query on how to write a synthesis essay, simple think of integrating ideas you have heard or read to form and develop a key thesis.

A Brief Guide on How to Compose a Synthesis Essay

  1. Come up with a topic -This is the first step of writing a synthesis essay. You have gathered several books or movies you have watched and at this stage you choose a central theme to be your essay topic.
  2. Develop a thesis statement-many guides that provide information on how to write a synthesis essay will not tell you that coining an a direction for you synthesis essay topic is important. You are supposed to pose a question, provide a tentative answer and outline ideas of your essay in the thesis statement.
  3. Choose two or three ideas or references-these ideas or references will help you develop you essay body and support your argument within the confines of the thesis statement. Be sure to use references that are familiar to you.
  4. You must read all your sources and jot down all the outstanding points that address your topic comprehensively. This is an inevitable step for all synthesis essay topics that your tutor can ask you to write about.
  5. Make sure that you focus on the ideas that are presented in the sources other than the authors. This way you end, writing down your essay with a coherent flow. You are free to refer to synthesis essay example so that you may have an idea of how to write a synthesis essay with a logical flow.
  6. Summarize your thesis and a call to action statement in the conclusion before editing and proofreading your essay for publication or submission.

Viable Synthesis Essay Topics

The following is a list of some synthesis essay topics that you might want to focus on;

  • Technology in school
  • Synthesis essay on space exploration
  • The economic crisis in UK
  • Invasion of privacy by social media
  • The rising wave of terrorism
  • Racial profiling in American schools
  • Effects of popular media on advertising

A sample synthesis essay comes in handy to help you understand further what a synthesis essay entails. Note the synthesis essay outline and development of the thesis by the author.

A sample synthesis essay: The link between physical attractiveness and life success

Does the beauty bring out the good in you? Does it contribute to the ultimate success that you achieve in life? Dion (2003) agrees with the notion that beauty has the power. His entire book tries to explain how physical attractiveness can lead to a better life.

Gender, age and body size are the physical characteristics that affect life success elements of popularity, perceptions of performance and social relations.


The results of males are different from the outcomes of females in different work settings.

In conclusion, it is difficult to find a central definition of beauty as an element of success. It may vary with gender, age and body size.

The above sample synthesis essay provides a vague synthesis essay example, but the following comprehensive synthesis essay outline below should guide on how to develop your piece of writing.

A Good Synthesis Essay Outline

  • Introduction- it should introduce or pose your essay questions. It also carries your thesis that provides the direction for the entire essay.
  • Body-you use the body to develop your thesis. Support each idea in a separate paragraph. Each paragraph should commence with a simple and short topic sentence followed by support from the outlined sources to validate your claim. Two or three paragraphs are enough, but the length also depends with the specified number of words.
  • Conclusion - you recapture the main discussion points in the essay in the conclusion. Pose a question or call to action statement to prompt your readers for further research on the same topic.